Call for a free screening (over the phone) to see if the program is a good fit for your teenager. Then complete the intake documentation listed below.

Admissions Criteria

The Maples serves teenage females ages 13-18 who are struggling with mental health disorders, substance use, disordered eating, and trauma.

Your teen may qualify for The Maples Residential Psychiatric Program if she…

  • Has had a mental health professional recommend residential treatment programs

  • Experiences symptoms of eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, or trauma

  • Would benefit from round the clock care as she works towards stability

For a free over the phone assessment, please contact Tanya Stuart, LCSW-BACS, LAC at 225-771-9980.

Insurance and Payment Information

We are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. We also work with each individual insurance provider to set up a single case agreement or out-of-network option. Please call us and we will give you options and verify eligibility.

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What should I pack for residential treatment at The Maples?

What TO bring:

Basic unopened toiletry and hygiene products (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, shampoo, conditioner).
2 books (must be approved)
TShirts (10) (no v-neck or revealing shirts)
Shorts (10) (decent length)
Sweatpants, leggings, jeans, long pants (5)
Jacket/Sweatshirt (2)
Socks (7)
Tennis shoes (1), slippers (1), boots (1)
Underwear (10)
Bras without wire ex: sport bras/tank tops, wireless bralettes (4) -pjs/nightclothes (3)
A journal or notebook (no wires)
Photos of your loved ones (10)

What NOT to bring:

Drugs or alcohol
Any drugs or products containing alcohol (mouthwash)
Hand sanitizer
Any valuables (jewelry, electronics)
Electronics (telephone, video games)
Tobacco items (vapes, e-cigs, cigarettes)
Perfumes, candles, essential oils or scented lotions


Fill Out the Intake Form

Name of School, Address of School, Contact Person in School, Phone Number of School, What Grade You're In
Names of Treating Providers, Phone Numbers and/or Locations, Last Visit (Month/Year)
Facility (include Location), Treatment Dates, Level(s) of Care, Length of Treatment, Outcome, How long did they stay in abstinent?
Medication, Presibed for, Dosage & Frequency, Prescribed by, Last Visit, Compliant, Able to bring in?
List all drugs including alcohol
Family History
Family History
Family History
Family History

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Allowing individuals and families to address their needs in a safe, nurturing environment, providing an increased level of self-esteem, self-worth and emotional regulation.

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